4 Reasons you need a skilled lawyer to handle your divorce

lawyer to handle your divorce

  1. There’s no do overs. The final decision is what sticks. If you try to represent yourself against your spouse or get a lawyer who isn’t shrewdly acting in your best difference, you are setting yourself up for a losing battle. Time with the kids, the financial assets you need for life after divorce, and all the decisions over property and alimony are a done deal after the court’s final ruling. You don’t get a second chance to go over the judge’s final decision on your case so it’s imperative to choose a lawyer who will represent your interests well. When you get a Plano divorce lawyer free consultation, make sure the attorney has experience in family law.
  2. Texas laws are complex and changing. Laws aren’t fixed, and each year there are some changes to Texas divorce statutes. A competent lawyer who is devoted to serving clients in family law will keep up on all changes and how they might affect you. For example, laws on spousal maintenance (the Texas legal term for alimony), have changed in the last few years allowing for larger spousal maintenance than in the past. The former maximum of $2,500 a month has increased to $5,000 a month. Laws around no fault divorce also have a conservative history in Texas. Local lawmakers regularly seek to make no fault divorces more difficult to attain so it’s important your lawyer understands what will make your best approach in the courtroom.Rachel
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  4. Not all lawyers communicate the same. Just like anyone you might meet, lawyers in family law greatly vary in their level of communication with clients. It’s important you talk to a lawyer about communication at your first consultation. Ask how often you should expect to hear from them, and how to get ahold of them in an emergency. You should think about how much communication you value as a client, too. Do you want to hear every single update or just the major pieces of the case progression? Will you have lots of questions for your lawyer or want space to process the divorce? Everyone is different in their desire for communication so you need to make sure you have compatible expectations and goals with your attorney. Failing to ask these questions will result in a lot of frustration. Megan B. Rachel Attorney At Law will work with you and communicate regularly on the progress of your case.
  5. Your lawyer’s courtroom style could cost you thousands of extra dollars. There are attorneys who like to hear themselves argue, or want to argue to the extreme, even when their expectations of winning are unrealistic and will drag out the case. For a lawyer who doesn’t care about their client’s best interests, this means more pay per hour of excessive litigation. While there are times your lawyer should fight for you tooth and nail, many times mediation and compromise will lead you to a faster end result and save you in legal fees. Make sure your lawyer has the appropriate style for your needs.

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