5 Things You Should Have Ready For Your Free Divorce Consultation

Plano-law-free-consultationsGetting a divorce is always a painful process, no matter what the situation is. Everyone always tells us that their case is unique, but the truth of the matter (after helping hundreds of families through this difficult time) is that most cases are very similar. We are all human, after all, and it is all too easy to feel you’re alone in your situation. Here at Rachel Hewett Plano law, free consultations are a service we offer to you in order to help you start the process as easily and quickly as possible, so that we can get you closer to the end of the situation. In order to help this process go smoothly, we’ve identified 5 things to prepare before your initial consultation with us. Let’s break them down below!

1. Tax Information

Tax information is one of the most commonly overlooked items when trying to get organized during a divorce. Having this information allows us to assess the financial situation of both parties individually and as a whole, allowing us to approach the case more confidently knowing these numbers ahead of time.

2. Pay Stubs

Even though tax returns give us the total pay for both parties, pay stubs still serve a very important role during the proceedings to come. Bringing at least three months’ worth of pay stubs will allow us to estimate an alimony amount much more quickly and accurately.

3. Prenups and other important legal documents

These documents can play a vital role in the divorce, especially if they pertain directly to the outcome you desire. If a prenup was made, having it on file will give us the tools we need to be able to maximize the beneficial outcomes for everyone involved. Other documents to consider bringing in include:

  • Separation agreements
  • Children’s birth certificates
  • Any additional identifying information such as social security cards
  • Any past legal information or documents regarding your family

  • Plano law free consultation

Any questions you may have

4. Any questions you may have

We know that going into these situations blind can make things much more stressful for you, and we always make it a point to try and minimize this during the process of divorce for our clients. You’ll want to ask about the costs upfront, as well as the estimated length of the proceedings and what sort of experience your lawyer has dealing with divorce cases like yours.

5. Any evidence supporting your claims

If you are divorcing based on a single event, or a string of related ones, bringing evidence such as text messages, videos, photos, social media postings, letters and other forms of leverage to your consultation. Keep in mind, however, that most divorce cases today are “no-fault” trials, meaning misconduct may not play a role in the outcome of the hearing. You’ll want to bring an open mind to the consultation, because you might have forgot to consider something that comes to light during this initial meeting. We are here to help you get through this as best as possible, so keep that in mind as you go through the process with us.

Give us a call today for your Plano law free consultation. We promise to do everything in our power to make things work out the best for you and your family during this difficult time.