Adoption Attorney Denton, TX

Welcoming a child into your family is cause for joyous celebration. Here at The Rachel Firm, our goal is to make sure the delight of the adoption process is not dampened by legal troubles. Our attorneys offer over 20 years of legal expertise in uniting families and navigating sensitive custody and adoption litigation.

Adoption Process

Texas laws regarding adoption, termination of parental rights, visitation and other family matters can be tricky. Whether working with an adoption agency in state, out of state or even internationally, our firm is able to help prospective parents through the process. We offer counseling services and assist clients in avoiding issues that may interfere with the goal of creating a forever home for a child.

Issues with Adoption

Our attorneys offer a free consultation to discuss client needs. Whether dealing with terminating parental rights, so an adoption can take place, or adopting a child upon the death of a custodial parent, The Rachel Firm is here to help. Our compassionate legal staff specializes in marriage and family law, name changes and issuance of new birth certificates and social security cards. We have supported hundreds of Texas families in the adoption process by insuring all the legal requirements are met so everything goes smoothly.

Adoption Specialties

Our types of adoption specialty services are as widely varied as types of families existing throughout Texas today. The Rachel Firm Adoption Attorney Denton, TX focuses on adoption law within any family dynamic. We work to help step-parents adopt step-children, parents adopt a child from an agency or private arrangement, or adoption through a surrogate parent. Our agency is expert in working with international agencies, agencies in Texas or throughout the United States. Our ultimate goal is to support clients in creating a warm, loving family through the adoption process.