Child Custody Attorney In Denton Texas

When looking for a child custody attorney denton Texas, the Rachel Firm is the best in that area. The lawyers employed at this firm are highly experienced and have been practicing family law for over two decades. They will do their best to help you find a solution to your custody battle that will minimize the challenges for both parties.

There are a number of frequent situations that typically result in the demand of a child custody lawyer. These situations include but are not limited to: one or more parents who are in jail, active military, or are frequent travelers; a parent with alcohol or drug dependency; one or more parents who have a mental or physical disorder such as bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia, or epilepsy; one or more parents have remarried; parents that are separated and there is not a feasible way to transition the child between both parties; the involvement of both parents in the raising of the child, which makes selecting only one parent for sole custody difficult; and the individual with sole custody could have requested a modification of the court order due to unforeseen circumstances.

The attorneys at the Rachel Firm will strive to provide their clients with the best child custody attorney denton. This firm prides themselves on providing their clients with open, clear, and consistent communication regarding their case and any issues that may arise. The attorneys have been practicing all aspects of family law for well over two decades so you can rest assured that they are highly experienced in their specialties. The Rachel Firm will provide potential clients with a free consultation and review of the case so that the potential clients will be aware of what services they will be paying for up front as well as the potential outcomes of their case.