Getting A Free Consultation From Child Custody Lawyers

Going through a divorce is a daunting experience. And when children are involved, your case becomes even more complex. So it becomes very important to seek out and interview child custody lawyers in order to find the right one to help protect your rights as a parent. Most family law attorneys provide one free consultation. For attorneys, this acts as a valuable marketing strategy, because they can get one-on-one face time with a potential client to sell their expertise and services. However, you can use the free visit to your benefit… far beyond the money you save. By interviewing several family law attorneys, you can use the free consultation to help narrow down your choice for representation. It’s a win-win situation.

Schedule appointments:

Once you have a short list of attorneys, it’s a great strategy to call and schedule free consultations. Be sure to ask if the consultation is free, because some attorney charge for the consultation, and don’t want to get caught of guard.

Be prepared & take notes:

It’s a good idea to have an accurate picture of your financial status (Assets vs. Liabilities). This will help a potential attorney to better evaluate your situation and provide advice. Before your visit, make a list of questions to ask. Going over your list is a great way to see how well you communicate with the attorney, and how well they answers your questions.

It’s recommended that you take notes so you will be sure to know what all the child custody lawyers said, once you get home from the free consultation. Once you’ve had a chance to review your notes, you should be able to choose the right attorney to best represent the rights of you and your children

Financial support for minor children:

It’s recommended that you get as much information as possible during your first consultation. This is a great time to review what a non-custodial parent will have to pay for child support. It’s typically based on one’s income and the amount of children they have. This information becomes very important when considering a legal budget.

When scheduling consultations with your short list of child custody lawyers, you should consider calling The Rachel Firm. They are a caring and compassionate law firm with over two decades of family law experience. Call now to set up a free consultation: 972-426-2637