Family Law Attorney in Denton to Represent Your Interests

Legal disputes involving family members can be stressful and emotionally fraught, which is why it might be prudent to obtain dispassionate legal advice from The Rachel Firm. A family law attorney in Denton might be just what’s called for to try to achieve a successful outcome for you.

Familiarity with Divorce Proceedings

We can contribute to a fair divorce settlement if you’re in the midst of dissolving a relationship with your significant other. While we prefer the convenience and amicability of uncontested divorces, we’re more than willing to go to bat for you if you have to go to court. Some of the specific issues that we can help resolve are child custody, child visitation rights, the division of martial property and spousal support. These and other elements of divorce are weighty and complicated, so you might do better with us standing beside you than you would unassisted. Our lawyers have more than 20 years of experience in family law, and we’d like to put our knowledge and training at your disposal.

Versatile, Client-Focused Legal Assistance

Besides divorce, we can also help you with other legal areas that might be important to your loved ones. Wills, adoptions and premarital agreements are just a few of the legal instruments that we can lend you a hand with. By allowing us to partner with you, you can take advantage of all the legal tools that are available to set up a more secure and comfortable lifestyle for your entire family.

Here at the Law office of Megan Rachel, we offer free initial consultations, allowing our prospective clients to get an overview of our services before having to make a commitment. To schedule your no-charge consultation with a family law attorney in Denton, give us a call today. An actual member of our staff will answer the phone because we believe in great customer service.