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No other single issue is more heated, emotionally charged, and important in the law than child custody matters. For decades, people have fought over their rights to obtain custody over the children when a relationship or marriage goes south. The help of an expert child custody attorney is necessary to protect your rights as a parent—congratulations on taking the first step toward fighting for your children! Get your 100% free consultation child custody lawyers now!

How to Keep What Is In the Best Interest of the Child in a Custody Case

Making sure that the best interests of the child in a custody case are met is a family law courts first and top priority. This means that various aspects of your life may be investigated and that outside parties may be brought in to make a recommendation as to what truly is in the child’s best interests. The court can utilize various procedures to make this determination, such as:

Appointing a Guardian ad Litem is essentially an attorney that is appointed by the court to represent the children. This means that they do not represent either parent, but only the child. A guardian ad litem’s job involves a lot of interviewing and investigative work.

Home Study â€“ A court can order what is known as a “home study” of both or either parents home. The court will appoint either a guardian ad litem or other county official to to make a random stop at each parents home to see what the home environment is for the child.

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