How to Find the Right Divorce Attorney

Divorce is never something you expect, but when you are faced with a situation and have to get a divorce, you need the right Frisco divorce attorney on your side. There are many things to consider when looking for the right attorney. Here are a few points to think through.


Find someone who specializes in divorces so you can ensure that you are getting an attorney who knows the laws and what is best for your case. There are attorneys that practice general law and they may do some divorces, but it is best to work with someone who deals with these cases on a regular basis.

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Look at the attorney’s websites to get a feel for the type of practice they have. Get some background information about the attorney and see what types of cases they take as well as how much experience they have.


Before you hire any attorney, set up a consultation meeting. These consultations are generally free of charge. You need to work with someone you feel comfortable around when you are dealing with a serious issue like divorce. Meet with the attorney and ask any questions you might have. Use the answers to judge whether or not that attorney is the right one to handle your particular case.

If you are looking for a divorce attorney, consider Rachel Hewett, an expert in family law cases. You can get a free consultation and ask any questions you have about the practice as well as your specific case. Our caring, compassionate law firm will treat you with respect in all areas and help you resolve a situation that can be very touchy. Divorce is difficult, but our firm offers the understanding and expertise that will help guide you through it every step of the way.