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Divorce or separation is always hard on the parties involved, especially kids. When parents are separating, children are usually left to choose who they want to stay with. While the best option may be staying with both parents under one roof, that is never an option after divorce. Parents are usually forced to go to court to fight for custody of their kids if they are unable to resolve the issue out of court. The end result can be granting of full custody to one of the parents or shared custody. In case of full custody, the other parent may be granted visitation rights to ensure they continue having a relationship with their child. If you wish to fight for custody of your child, it is important you hire a reputable child custody lawyer to represent you.

Free Consultation Child Custody Lawyers

Before filing a petition for custody of your child, you will obviously need legal advice. The Rachel Firm has experienced attorneys who are free consultation child custody lawyers, so you can get free legal counsel from the firm. Child custody is usually granted to a person who is in the best position to meet the child’s needs. In other words, the only thing the court will consider is the child’s best interest. Income is never an issue since the other parent can always get child support payments from the other parent. In some cases, the court may determine that neither the mother nor the father is best suited to get custody, and grant custody to an aunt, uncle, and grandparent or put the child in the foster care system.

Child Custody Legal Assistance

There’s nothing as terrifying as being separated from your child just because of divorce. That is why it is important you hire an attorney who understands what your fears and expectations are. In that regard, The Rachel Firm fits the bill.