Free Consultation of Child Custody Lawyers

Choosing a child custody attorney is no easy feat, particularly due to the highly emotional issues that are likely to emerge during child custody proceedings. Searching the Internet for a reliable attorney can give you more than enough lawyers, but it’s critical to choose the best. You need to know how what questions to ask and how to identify excellent service. At the end of the day, you want to hire an attorney who is in your child’s best interests.


One of the best resources for getting a reliable child custody attorney is to seek recommendations. Ask friends and family, seek advice from other attorney’s and talk to other parents in your neighborhood. Even your state bar association can pass on a couple of referrals.


When it comes to experience, practicing for many years is not enough. The attorney you choose needs to have the right kind of experience. Choose an attorney with knowledge of the law and facts that enable him/her know how to use each within a case. At The Rachel Firm, we have a team of free consultation child custody lawyers with the right kind of experience to handle child custody cases.


Don’t shy away from conducting a solid interview with a law firm you are considering. Do some background research and get to know as much as you can about the firm. Follow up on referrals and establish whether the firm can deliver according to your expectations. The outcome of your child custody cases is going to be dependent on the attorney you choose so do whatever due diligence necessary to make the most informed hiring decision.

Child custody cases can be highly stressful and very emotional, and it’s crucial that you have the best legal representation during your proceedings. We, at The Rachel Firm, give every case a personal approach and attention to detail it deserves. Feel free to call us today for a free consultation.