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With over two decades of experience in family law, The Rachel Firm offers our clients an excellent opportunity get quality representation and legal support. The Dallas respected law firm led by Megan Rachel offers Plano divorce lawyer free consultation because we understand that few events in life can be harder to tackle than a divorce or dispute over the future of the family. These matters can drain one emotionally, legally, and financially, so we have considered it prudent to offer a free consultation to make the burden on our clients bearable.

People who face family law challenges in Plano and other regions within Denton and Collin counties have been turning to the firm for straight talk and the benefits of more than 20 years’ experience. Whether the circumstances of their custody dispute, divorce, or paternity appears out of hand, the Dallas lawyers will surely help them to sort it our amicably and legally.

The Rachel Firm is committed to providing our clients the legal information they require to proceed with confidence. We understand that if we fail to do so or fail to give the information without understanding the effect of the circumstances on their emotions, life might appear harder to them, so we always find the best way to provide our clients with information and support to enable them to move forward with confidence.

It is factual that clear and conscious communication is significant when resolving matters relating to families and legal systems. Our team of lawyers is committed to listening to everyone who seeks our help, understanding and keeping them informed at every stage on the way. We provide direct answers and supportive guidance.

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