Guide to Hiring a Trusted Allen Divorce Attorney to Represent You

Divorce laws differ from state to state, especially when it comes to division of marital estate. That is why Texans should hire the best Allen divorce attorney to represent them. Divorce lawyers who are licensed to practice in the state of Texas are well versed with local rules and traditions, so they are in the best position to effectively represent you. At The Rachel Firm, we are not only licensed to practice in the state, but also have a lot of experience handling divorce cases in the state.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce is an option of last resort. It should only be considered after counseling and temporary separation have been tried and failed. Even when divorce is considered the best option, the case does not have to be resolved in court. The couple can agree on all the pertinent issues out of court, through mediation. Our divorce attorneys are expert mediators. They can help couples to come to an agreement on how to split the marital estate, alimony, child custody and child support among other things. Our attorneys are friendly and understanding, so you can expect the mediation process to be concluded fairly quickly and conveniently.

Representation in Court

It is important to note that most couples rarely come to an agreement on all the issues. In fact, most spouses normally want a motion for disclosure filed in court to reveal all the hidden assets that constitute part of the marital estate. This order can only be obtained in court. After disclosure, court hearings will be held to establish the grounds for divorce as well as determine how the estate will be split. The good news is that our attorneys have a lot of experience representing clients in court. They also have a great track record of winning cases. Visit or call our offices to schedule free consultations with our attorneys.