Have Your Child Custody Case Handled Quickly

Although, we all plan to stay married forever, sometimes the fairytale ending does not happen. Circumstances do occur that causes marriages to end when children are involved; procedures of obtaining custody need to be resolved through the courts. Acquiring an attorney that is aggressive as well as seeing that you receive a fair and just solution for you can be a great asset. Legal resolutions are available for you to help protect your parental bonds The Rachel Firm can help. We are skilled and experienced with these types of cases, in spite of any challenge. We offer free consultation child custody lawyers.

However, for cases involving children entails hearings, evaluations, as well as mandatory mediation, trials, and possible appeals. Although mandatory mediation is one of the first steps in reaching a custody agreement, it can be more than a one-time thing. In mediation, both parents sit down, (attorney’s present) to discuss what each parent would like to have. When nothing is agreed upon the attorneys will file a motion for a hearing. Within the hearing process, your attorney will discuss with you what the hearing will most likely involve. When meeting with an attorney, you will also inform you of what to expect when and if you take the stand. The hearing process may take more than just one hearing. At some point, depending on the age of the children, the judge may request the child to be evaluated by a court appointed child advocate.

The Rachel Firm contains aggressive litigators to ensure the best interest of your children is taken. To reduce the effects for your child(s) during the process of custody we want a resolution in a timely as well as an affordable manner. For your free consultation child custody lawyers are eager to assist you with your legal need.