Personalized Family Law Services in Plano

There are many Family Law firms in Texas, but not all of them offer personalized family law services as well as excellence and professionalism. No matter what kind of family law issues you are going through, one thing remains the same: you need compassion. You need a down-to-earth attorney who will speak to you on the level of a friend. You need someone who will explain every aspect of the process in a way that you can easily understand. Most of all, you need a family law attorney Plano residents trust. One of the attorneys at The Rachel Firm is the answer.

Why Call The Rachel Firm?

Meagan Beatty Rachel and Paul Hewett are a combination of lawyers that can season your case like salt and pepper. Mr. Hewett is the refined and knowledgeable family law expert who has personal experience to go with his professional experience. Mrs. Rachel is the aggressive expert who can sternly request what you desire in your settlement. You will receive family-like treatment no matter which one of these attorneys takes your case. Your meetings will seem as if you are visiting friends rather than lawyers.

How The Rachel Firm Can Help

The Rachel Firm covers all aspects of the family law category and all of their complex elements. You can call for assistance with child support, visitation rights or child custody. You can call for assistance with adoptions and divorces. You can hire their expertise for wills and trusts, as well. The firm has been handling cases in the field of family law for more than 20 years. The attorneys will be delighted to stand by your side in your Plano family law matter. You can feel confident that you will receive top-notch treatment that will not fail nor falter.

Contact The Rachel Firm Today

You can schedule your appointment in one of two ways. The quickest way is by phone call. The number is 972-426-2637. Alternatively, you can schedule your free consultation by completing a short form and letting us know how we can help you. The firm would love to give you the strong support that you need.