Nearly every divorce and separation case involves certain complexities in child custody and visitation arrangements, agreements and court orders. Even intact families work hard to juggle children’s schedules and activities along with parents’ careers and personal lives. When parents are apart and sharing parenting, it is not unusual for conflicts and challenges to arise.

Advocacy for Fathers and Mothers in Texas Visitation and Custody Matters

Some child custody cases are more complex than others, however. Special circumstances such as the following can make it difficult to arrive at and carry out child custody and visitation arrangements that work well for all members of the family, protect children’s best interests and preserve parent-child bonds:

  • A parent may have drug or alcohol abuse and dependency issues.
  • A parent may suffer from bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia, epilepsy or some other mental or physical disorder.
  • A parent may be in jail, be serving overseas in the military or work a job that requires frequent traveling or unusual working and sleeping hours.
  • Separated parents may not live close enough to each other to facilitate frequent smooth transfers of children from one parent’s home to the other.
  • One or both parents may remarry, adding other family obligations into the mixture.
  • The parent with primary custody may seek a modification of the custody court order to allow for a move to another community for work or personal reasons.
  • Both parents may have been equally involved in the children’s upbringing, making it especially challenging to designate one or the other as having primary custody.

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