Plano Divorce Lawyer Free Consultation

A Plano Divorce Lawyer Free Consultation Can Protect Your Rights

A Plano divorce lawyer free consultation is the first step in protecting your legal rights. The smartest move you can make is to contact the Rachel Firm for a consultation.

We Can Protect Your Children

Divorce is not only about a couple ending their marriage. When a couple has children, divorce becomes a family issue. While many couples keep their children’s best interests in mind, some spouses take a different approach.

Your spouse may try to use your children against you, insist that he will not pay child support, or make unreasonable demands for visitation. You need assistance from an attorney if you want results that are fair to you and your youngsters.

We Can Protect Your Property

While Texas is a community property state, there can be complications in determining which spouse has a rightful claim to certain assets. You want to receive everything you are entitled to in your divorce.

Your lawyer can help make these determinations. Whether there is a disagreement over personal property or assets that are not easily divided, you will receive everything that is rightfully yours.

Collaborative Law Divorce

Whenever possible, the best approach to divorce is collaborative law. In many cases, spouses can be convinced to settle their disagreements without taking their issues to court.

Alternative dispute resolution may help you and your spouse work together to negotiate agreements. You can save time and money by avoiding litigation. When you make a commitment to work together, divorce does not need to be a traumatic experience.

ADR is best for the children, too. They will see their parents can be respectful toward each other, and this can provide a sense of security. Your youngsters can look forward to healthy relationships with both parents.

Whether your relationship is amicable or bitter, start with a Plano divorce lawyer free consultation. You can count on us to protect your rights and your future.