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With literally hundreds of successful settlements and resolutions for Texas clients over the past 27 years, Frisco divorce lawyer Megan B. Rachel has won the respect of her legal peers and countless referrals from satisfied clients who received fair and comprehensive legal representation on matters of divorce and family law.

The law firm serves family law clients in nearby communities, including  Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney, Dallas, and beyond. Contact the law firm to learn if we can help you succeed in resolving your family law case.

Family Attorneys With an Exclusive Family Law Focus

At Megan B. Rachel, the focus of attorney and staff is solely on family law matters. Services offered by the Frisco firm include resolution of the following legal issues:

Triple-Facet Approach to Family Law: Listen, Plan, Protect

Many legal matters involving Texas family law are complex and convoluted. They require the assistance of a lawyer who can successfully guide you through uncertain times and ensure a swift and cost-effective solution for your legal issues. The key for the attorneys at Megan B. Rachel is to listen to our clients — to identify their legal goals and ease their fears about the future while navigating with our clients through the Texas Family Court system.

We believe in the value of mediation, negotiating fair and reasonable solutions between opposing parties before they develop into acrimony and costly, extended litigation. Sometimes, however, divorce settlements must be resolved by opposing sides making their cases before a judge. Our lawyers are justifiably proud of our reputation as persuasive negotiators and aggressive litigators who fight hard for the legal rights and best interests of our clients.

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