The biggest divorce mistakes and how to avoid them: part one

The biggest divorce mistakes and how to avoid them-part oneJust when you’re hit with one of the most emotionally trying times in your life, you suddenly need to make a legal battle dividing up finances and property. If you have children, you’re suddenly forced to decide where they will live and who they should spend the most time with, and how to make future decisions for their well-being. It’s easy to fall into traps without the right guidance in a divorce. The Rachel Hewett Firm has the Plano divorce attorney free consultation to help you make the right choice from the start in your legal case. With over thirty years of experience and a strong understanding of Texas law, each of our firm’s partners will help support you through the process and make it go smoothly. Read on to find out the biggest mistakes people make in divorces so you can protect yourself. This is part one of a three part blog series covering the biggest mistakes and making sure you avoid them.

  • Avoiding the courtroom and attorneys. Though no one wants to spend money on a divorce or looks forward to visiting the courtroom, these are necessary steps to getting the most favorable outcome for your case. While you can get some free forms without getting an attorney or seeing a judge, you won’t be able to get legal advice or have someone represent your interests.
  • Getting the wrong lawyer. Picking an attorney quickly is essential to a good start, but you need to select someone you feel has your best interests guiding their legal plan. Seek an attorney with experience in the issues related to your specific case, whether there’s domestic violence, child custody, medical issues, special needs children, a joint business you started or adoptive children involved. Most firms will offer free or reduced price consultations that allow you to experience someone’s approach before you proceed forward in the case. You want a lawyer who puts your needs first, not their own.
  • Going straight to a lawyer without giving yourself some needed time to deal and prepare. While you want to start the process quickly, doing some proactive work gathering the forms you need and making a list of assets will help you start your case together with your lawyer more prepared. Don’t use your lawyer as a therapist for the emotional battles you’re dealing with, they don’t have the training of a therapist and will cost much more. While they will do their best to help, it’s better to seek outside support to process the emotional aspects of the divorce. Focus on the process with your eyes on the prize or final outcome of the case as your goal.

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