The biggest divorce mistakes and how to avoid them: part two

Divorce effect on kids concept with hands cutting paper people family
Divorce effect on kids concept with hands cutting paper people family
In our last post, “The biggest divorce mistakes and how to avoid them: part one” we covered three big mistakes in dealing with divorce that are all too common: avoiding lawyers and the courtroom, picking the wrong attorney, and starting your case too quickly. Make sure you start your divorce avoiding these pitfalls by working with the Rachel Hewett Firm and getting your divorce lawyer consultation in Plano after reading through these tips. Be sure to check out our part three post to get everything you need to know.

4. Stay proactive in the fight. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the changes coming from your divorce. You’re living in an empty home or apartment and not spending as much time with the kids. You may be launching a new career or experiencing financial changes. Stress and strains on friendships and family relationships are all too common. Emotions are high for you and your children and it can be tempting to shut down. Now, more than ever, is the time to be brave and contemplative.

Plan your future and think things through. For example, when it’s time to pay the retainer fee to your lawyer, know in advance if you will borrow or pay cash to cover this fee. Thinking ahead lets you seek out options for borrowing or saving the money, often between $3,000 and $9,000.

5. Be careful about informal arrangements with your spouse. Even coming from a place of good intentions, these agreements can easily end up costing you stress and big losses. Verbal or unwritten agreements can easily be misinterpreted. Additionally, a temporary agreement for how the children spend time can influence the court’s opinion to grant custody based on this arrangement, seeing it as a pattern of evidence. Child support is another area where informal agreements can lead to problems. The court can’t order back pay when you’ve informally accepted lower payments from the higher wage earner.

6. Going right into mediation. While mediation offers appeal as less expensive than litigation and more peaceful, if you don’t have a plan for what you’re seeking, it can be a lengthy waste of time. Even though the court will almost always require some meditation time, it’s not always advantageous. Talk to your lawyer first to get an idea of an appropriate settlement range to accept when you and your spouse are alone with the mediator. If there’s domestic violence in your case, a mediation is often inappropriate and your lawyer can help explain this to the court to get mandatory mediation dismissed.

Get into your divorce case with confidence in your lawyer. Visit the Rachel Hewett Firm to get your divorce lawyer consultation in Plano. Call our offices at 972-426-2637 today to start the process. Your first consultation appointment is completely free and will help you see what our firm can do for you.