The Rachel Firm is the Adoption Attorney Plano Trusts

Adopting a child is like having the chance to know your baby before it is ever born. It is a special and unique experience that few people have the gift of knowing. The Rachel Firm, the adoption attorney Plano loves most, prides itself on helping more and more deserving families to welcome the child that they have dreamed about for a lifetime.

Over 20 Years of Expertise

Experience is an important component to a successful case. Here at The Rachel Firm, we understand that your family is so much more than paperwork and signatures. This is why we bring a personal touch and over 20 years of expertise to the table, working together for you and your growing family.

Affordable Peace of Mind

You have been dreaming of doing a million and one wonderful little things with your child… The Rachel Firm wants to make sure that you can do all of those things and still get the peace of mind that you need to help carry you through your hearing. We strive to make our services as affordable as possible so that you can focus on creating all those special moments you have dreamt of without breaking the bank.

Free Phone Consultation

We know that you lead a busy life and that it can be hard to sneak away from the office. We are pleased to offer free phone consults which can be scheduled online via our website. The attorney/client relationship is a vital part of your success. We know you have questions and that you also want to be a part of a team that is the right fit for your family. Phone consults offer a risk-free way to know if our legal team is the right choice for you.

Adoption is a journey that is equal parts stressful and wonderful. Guided by the right team, your family can effortlessly bring home the child that has been a part of you since before you even knew it.