The Rachel Firm: Surviving Divorce Begins Here

Going through a divorce has been described as a kind of death where you both still exist in the same world… but no longer recognize the person you married. If is incredibly difficult to say the least, but just as you always have, you will survive. That survival begins with the bravery to provide yourself with the kind of support that you deserve. Here at The Rachel Firm, we work hard to provide you with a pillar of strength and support to last throughout your entire journey.

With The Rachel Firm You Can Contact an Experienced Frisco Divorce Attorney Online…

Whether you are simply too busy to come to a law office or if it is still just a little too difficult to talk about in person, we are happy to offer free phone consultations which help you to relax in the comfort of your own home and feel as though you can speak more freely. You can schedule a free consult online through our contact form.

You Also Get A Lot of Heart.

We have served our communities for over 20 years and have an impeccable reputation with family courts. We did not get this far by simply being talented at what we do. We got this far also because we care about our clients. We understand that this is not just any divorce… its yours. We know that each client and each case will be completely different. We work hard to get to know your story so that we can better serve you.

You Are Going to Get Through This.

We know that being a Divorce Attorney is not just about paperwork and negotiating. It is also about reminding you of simple truths. So we want to take this time to say “You are going to get through this.” Before you know it, you will feel like getting out of bed, dressing up, enjoying a movie and when the time is right – you will even have a day without thinking about what happened. It gets better. We promise it does and a happy life is out there waiting for you.

When you need an experienced Frisco divorce attorney, contact us. We will always work just as hard for you as we would want someone to work for us.