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Irrespective of who may or may not be at fault, or why the marriage fell apart, going through a divorce (even seemingly amicable ones) is never easy. For starters, it can be emotionally draining, and just plain overwhelming for the two immediate parties involved. This dynamic becomes further aggrieved when children are added to the mix and custody battles are on the table. It is for these and other reasons, hiring a competent and highly qualified divorce and family lawyer to handle your divorce and/or children custody case on your behalf is absolutely important. In particular, if you are facing a divorce or custody case and you live in and around the Plano Texas area, then hiring a Plano divorce attorney is your next best bet.

About The Rachel Firm

The Rachel Firm is a law firm comprised of family law and divorce attorney based in Plano Texas. The Rachel Firm is known for its tradition of excellence in Texas family law. With years of experience, The Rachel Firm specializes in taking an intermediary approach in an effort to secure the best outcome for clients.

Some points of note concerning the The Rachel Firm approach include ensuring clients are fully aware of their rights so that they can be in the best position possible to negotiate the terms of their divorce. This is, of course, particularly useful when other factors such as children, shared assets, and so forth, are a part of the picture. In addition to ensuring clients know their basic rights in the given situation, the legal team at The Rachel Firm ensures that clients have a full understanding of Texas family law and how it affects their situation.

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