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Adoption is the process of establishing a parent-child relationship under the jurisdiction of an individual. The individual then takes responsibility for the child’s physical, emotional, and material well-being. A countless number of people feel that life is meaningless without the gift of becoming a parent. For this reason, many choose to adopt. Without the chance to adopt a child, their lives would remain unfulfilled. When in such a case, working with an Adoption Attorney Denton County has to offer, is an ideal way of understanding the adoption process.

Why adopt

Before considering adopting a child, many couples try all the available infertility treatments. Some find success, while others end up being frustrated. With every futile attempt, the couple suffers physical and mental effects from the treatment. In the end, they settle for parenthood through the adoption process.

Pregnancies may be planned or unplanned. In either of the cases, a parent may be stressed, confused or overwhelmed on the next course of action. At this point of desperation, consulting adoption attorneys from Rachel Hewitt law firm comes in handy.

Why choose our services?

We, Rachel Hewitt law firm in Denton County, have been in operation for decades. We have the necessary experience to assist in all types of adoptions including private adoption, agency adoption, stepparent adoption, second-parent adoption and international adoption. We are ready to assist our clients in drafting the adoption and ensuring that the petition is filed with the court.

Our esteemed team of attorneys continues to give the people of Denton a chance to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives with their adopted children. In turn, this gives the children an opportunity to live life once thought as unattainable.

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