Why Hiring a Frisco Child Custody Attorney is a Good Idea

It is unfortunate when a married couple with children divorces or separates. This breaks up the family and, almost always, it is the children who suffer the most. Sometimes separations are amicable and the parents are able to come to an agreement that allows them to share legal and physical custody of their children. Other times, the parents cannot see eye to eye as regards to the custody of their children. This situation gives rise to the need to hire a Frisco child custody attorney.

Conservatorship in the state of Texas can be a complicated matter and requires legal representation to allow a parent to fight for their right to retain the custody of their child. Conservatorship cases can arise when two parents fight each other for the custody of their children, or when one parent fights another party for conservatorship. This might be one’s in-laws, parents, or any other interested party. Court decisions are based on the parents’ history of violence, drug abuse, criminal activity, absenteeism as well as medical, educational and religious values.

Types of Conservatorship in Frisco, Texas

Joint managing conservatorship: Here, both parents reserve the right to have legal and physical custody of their children. However, the court might assign one parent sole rights to make certain decisions, according to the best interests of the child in question.

Sole managing conservatorship: Here, the court grants legal custody to only parent. This empowers them to make decisions about their child’s residence, medical treatment, education, and visitation rights of the other parent. In addition, they have the right to receive child support.

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