Adoption Attorney

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Adding a child to your family through adoption is a cause for joy, but the Texas laws regulating adoption are complex and require a skilled attorney who can guide you efficiently through the adoption process and avoid legal pitfalls that could result in expensive delays or worse, including an adoption denial.

The Frisco adoption lawyers at Megan B. Rachel have helped hundreds of families throughout Texas create new families through adoption. We are intimately familiar with Texas adoption laws and can advise new parents and families on the requirements and legal effects of a prospective adoption, including the following:

  • International or Interstate Adoption
  • Surrogate Adoption (assisted reproductive techniques involving a third party)
  • Step-Parent Adoption
  • Adoption by Single or Unmarried Persons
  • Working with Adoption Agencies



The paperwork required for a legal Texas adoption is substantial and includes criminal background checks, establishment of necessary social studies, termination of parental rights, petitions for adoption and final approvals related to name change and issuance of the new birth certificate.
Our lawyers understand the emotional stress and anticipation felt by new parents before an adoption. Our attorneys advise parents on the best means to an efficient and cost-effective transfer of parental rights in order to ensure the least traumatic transition for your new child.

Adoption Assistance In Frisco, McKinney, Plano, And Allen, TX

Contact our Frisco adoption attorneys today for a consultation and review of your legal needs related to Texas Adoption. In addition to Adoption, our lawyers offer comprehensive legal services in Family law, including divorce and child custody. Click here for more information on these specific areas of practice.