Are You Safe From The Pitfalls Of Adoption?

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Only two percent of families in the United States choose to adopt. While some adoptions can go smoothly, many are difficult and having an experienced adoption attorney Denton from the Rachel Hewett Firm can help facilitate complicated adoption processes, whether it’s in the state, domestic to the United States, or an international adoption.

Adopting In America

The number of infants up for adoption is too small to meet the need, and even when a family has made an agreement with a birth mother, she may opt to keep her baby after everything is all said and done. Adoptions from the foster system tend to be easier in terms of the process, but these children often come with emotional scars from physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. The youngest children adopted from within the foster care system are around the age of three. For adoptive parents, these children can have years of extra emotional baggage that means making a close and stable relationship will take more time, but these are children who truly need a good home. Another silver lining to adopting from the foster system in Texas is there are some insurance and care subsidies available for children with special needs and low-income families.

International Adoptions

Internationally, the adoption process can vary from relatively smooth to full of long waiting periods. It’s always a good idea to have a realistic picture of the timeframe, it can be much longer than you were expecting. Recently, legal cases around adoption internationally have raised questions for many potential adoptive parents. In Belarus, Vietnam, and Guatemala, recent rulings and changes to the law have made the process much harder, and in some cases out of country, adoptions have been altogether banned. The advantage to having an adoption attorney Denton from our team can help you choose countries more friendly to international adoption and also give you the legal protection to make your adoption safe and easy for your family. Despite this recent increase in difficulty for international adoptions, the United States still accounts for more than 50% of international adoptions.

In The End, The Reward Is Worth The Fight

At the end of the process, adoptive families often forget all the struggles of long waits and finding all the documentation needed to get their child. They are so happy with the addition to their family, the hassle fades away. That said, having the help of a law firm experienced in family law and adoptions makes the process easier for our clients than those who consult agencies without a clear path or protections offered by a good lawyer. If you need help with an adoption, the Rachel Hewett Firm has an adoption attorney Denton ready to help you. Call us now to schedule a free, no cost visit and see how we can help make your adoption smoother at 972-426-2637.