Child Custody and Divorce | Plano Family Law Attorney – Some tips for divorced parents on starting the school year

On behalf of The Rachel Firm posted in Child Custody on Thursday, August 14, 2014.

Child Custody and Divorce | Plano Family Law Attorney

As summer winds down, Texas parents are getting ready to send the kids back to school. For parents who are divorced, the start of a new school year brings some special challenges. Recently a pair of columnists gave a few tips on how to make this time less stressful for both parents and children.

The first tip is to maintain consistency in the child custody arrangements. If parents share physical custody, the kids may be going to different homes on different weeks. They may need to go to school with a bag packed on days they transition from one home to the other, and it may mean taking a different bus home. It can be hard for a child to stay on top of this, and next to impossible if the custody arrangements are constantly changing.

The second tip is to use technology to share scheduling information. An online calendar shared by both parents can help keep track of homework assignments, after-school activities, doctor’s appointments and the like.

Third, it’s important to keep counselors and teachers informed. Kids can have a tough time dealing with divorce and emotional struggles often manifest themselves in dropping grades or behavioral problems at school. Letting the educators know the child is dealing with divorce can help them assess and deal with any issues.

Texas courts look to the child’s best interest in determining child custody arrangements. Parents who make this their own standard in keeping those arrangements will help their children start the school year with more confidence.

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