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Resolving Difficult Family Disputes in an Open Environment

Divorce, child custody decisions, and other family law decisions are often some of the most difficult legal problems a family will encounter. For some people, resolving these matters through litigation is necessary. However, for many others, the pressure of litigation only brings forth more contention, and results in emotional turmoil for all involved. Collaborative divorce law is an alternative.

Our family law attorneys comprehend the devastation and needless pain that litigation can cause. However, we are proud to help clients resolve these matters effectively through collaborative law methods so that they can move on to a new phase in their lives with minimal financial and emotional strain. To learn more about collaborative law or how we can help you, contact our Frisco, Texas, law office and schedule an initial consultation.

Understanding Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is an effective method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that enables parties to a divorce to come together and work on negotiating agreements regarding the elements of their divorce. Rather than leaving issues such as property division, child custody, and visitation in the hands of strangers, collaborative law divorce enables couples to maintain control of the decisions affecting their future and the future of their children.

No Threat of Divorce Litigation

At the onset of the matter, all parties involved – both partners and their attorneys – must agree to keep the matter out of trial. Without the threat of litigation, the parties are capable of having open, respectful discussions about the future. In addition, financial experts, child experts, and other specialists can provide insight into appropriate and creative resolutions.

Not only can collaborative law save on the time, expense, and emotional damage caused by litigation, it also enables parents to continue a respectful relationship – which is necessary when raising children in two different households.

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With over 27 years of experience helping Texas clients resolve divorce and other family law cases, our family law attorneys have the skills, compassion, and dedication to help your family through a collaborative law divorce.