Denton Child Custody Attorney Legal Advice and Representation

Child custody issues normally arise during a divorce, when parents are considered unfit as well as when parents pass away, and survived by their kids. Custody can be granted to anyone who is considered a responsible adult, this can be one of the parents, an uncle or aunt or grandparents. If none of the adults claiming custody is considered a fit parent, the child or children in question will be taken into the foster care system, which is usually the default option. From there, any suitable adult can apply for adoption. Since a child custody case can affect a child’s life significantly, it is always a good idea to hire a Denton child custody attorney to offer legal advice and representation.

Hiring a Denton Child Custody Attorney

When going into a child custody hearing, your goal is to demonstrate to the court that you are the most suitable parent for the child to ensure you get custody. Your lawyer, can guide you on what to say when you take the stand and help you choose character witnesses. It is important to note that the court will consider a number of factors when determining custody, but suitability as a parent ranks top on the list. If you are the biological parent of the child, but you are a habitual drunk and child abuser, you might as well give up your hopes of getting custody before you even start fighting for custody. A distant relative who has a great reputation, no criminal history and good family values can easily be granted custody if they petitioned the court. Otherwise, the child will go into the foster care system.

The Rachel Firm

To improve your chances of getting custody of your child after a divorce case or when your spouse passes away, you may want to contact The Rachel Firm and work with experienced child custody attorneys to come up with a strong case. Please note that your chances of getting child custody increases when you work with experienced child custody attorneys.