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Hundreds of families in Texas choose to adopt a child every year for one reason or another. For instance, a couple may not want to have their own child, so they may choose to adopt instead. Others are simply not able to bear a child, so adoption is the option for raising a family. There are also some families that choose to adopt because of the gratitude they have for the blessings they have in their life. By adopting a child they are able to give that child a kind of love they would never receive from the foster care system. Whatever the reason for wanting to adopt a child, getting legal advice from an adoption attorney Plano is recommended.

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Adoption is a lengthy and complex process with a lot of legal hurdles. For instance, an adoption cannot be valid if the biological parents of a child have not ceded all parental rights to the child. The next step is issuance of an order for Termination of Parental Rights (TPR). Once this order has been issued, the child will be available for adoption. Your lawyer will check the necessary paperwork to ensure the child can be legally adopted before giving you the go-ahead to adopt.

The Rachel Firm has worked on hundreds of adoption cases in the state of Texas, so the lawyers working at the firm know the ins and outs of child adoption in the state. Therefore, you can expect to get competent legal counsel and advise to not only ensure the process is expedited but also to ensure the adoption is done legally.

Importance of Hiring an Adoption Attorney Plano

Before full legal custody can be granted and an adoption certificate issued, the adoptive parents must first stay with the child for a period of at least 6 months under close supervision of the state. After this period, your adoption attorney will present a strong case in a court hearing for issuance of an adoption decree. After that, the adoption certificate and an amended birth certificate are issued, making the adoptive parents the legal parents of the child.