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Children’s issues are usually a serious matter that must be handled subtly. Custody issues can arise when the parents of a child file for divorce. Since the parents do not want to spend their lives together under the same roof, they must agree, or the court will decide, who will get custody of the child or children. There are basically two types of custody; sole custody and shared custody. As the name suggests, sole custody means that one parent gets full custody of the child, or children, while the other parent may or may not get visitation rights. In shared custody, both parents are granted custody and they get to spend ample time with their child. This type of custody can also be agreed on during divorce mediation to avoid the risk of having full custody granted to the other parent. Over time, custody arrangements can be modified. If you want to get custody of your child after a divorce case, it is important you hire the most competent child custody attorney Plano has to offer.

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In custody cases, judges normally consider the best interests of the child, as opposed to the economic power of the applicant. This means that custody can be granted to a parent who does not have a job. In such a case, the court will order the other parent to pay child custody for the child’s upkeep. Obviously, spousal support will also be paid for the upkeep of the spouse.