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The end of a marriage through dissolution and divorce is always difficult: emotionally, financially and legally. The Frisco, Texas divorce lawyers at Megan B. Rachel offer capable legal representation to clients facing the difficult issues that must be resolved during a divorce:

Negotiation / Litigation / Resolution of Divorce Matters

While protecting our client’s legal rights is our first priority, our Texas divorce attorneys believe that the best path to an equitable resolution is through out-of-court alternatives, including:

  • MEDIATION – working with a qualified, licensed mediator to resolve contested issues. Many times, however, a negotiated agreement is impossible due to acrimony and intractable behavior between both parties. In this instance, you need a skilled litigator who knows the laws and process of Texas divorce in order to successfully file the necessary paperwork, including petitions, motions and discovery as well as represent your interests during trial and appeals. Also, it is important to remember that Texas law does not provide for a “legal separation” during a dissolution proceeding – couples may be separated but hold no legal status under state law. The attorneys at Megan B. Rachel are available to advise you on all issues related to divorce and help you avoid the misinformation that can result in and expensive loss of rights.

Contact our divorce lawyers today for an initial case review. Get legal advice from our attorneys, led by Partner Megan B. Rachel, with more than 27 years’ experience representing clients across North Texas, including Frisco, McKinney, Plano, and Allen. Call 972-426-2637 or use the online form on the side to email us.

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