Getting ready for an adoption? Make sure you have a realistic picture of the proces

Happy family sitting on grass in yard with multi-ethnic child and dog
Happy family sitting on grass in yard with multi-ethnic child and dog

Happy family sitting on grass in yard with multi-ethnic child and dog[/caption]It’s an incredibly exciting time when you make the decision to adopt. It’s easy to get swept up in the incredible joy of bringing this new person into your home, but make sure you have realistic expectations and a solid adoption attorney in Plano on your side. Suddenly after months of consideration, you finally have a plan to bring an infant or child into your home. Here are some of the problems people commonly face when they seek to adopt. Sometimes a lawyer’s help can make all the difference, but there are still likely to be some roadblocks that can make an adoption take longer than you might have expected.

  1. Finding an infant that looks like you and your spouse. Infant adoption can be difficult. Many families want to adopt a child that looks like they could be their biological child. If you’re caucasian and wish to adopt a caucasian infant, the wait will be longer. Getting on lists in Texas and out of state are options to increase your chances, but make sure you have a good attorney to help you with the forms you will need to adopt.
  2. The birth mother could change her mind about the adoption. Before you rush to paint a nursery and set up all the furniture, remember it may take a while to find an adoptive mother. Sometimes even when you’ve negotiated and paid for the birth, the birth mother may change her mind. This is why an adoption attorney in Plano can be helpful to your case by drafting a clear agreement and helping you uphold it in this kind of emotional scenario.
  3. International adoptions may have less restrictions, but they may have unexpected pitfalls. Age and income restrictions are often more lax in other countries, but you could experience delays with international agencies depending on their traffic volume. Unfortunately, you could also get taken advantage of by an agency that takes your fees only to reverse course. A good attorney can help you determine if an agency is reputable and trustworthy. The Rachel Hewett Firm can help direct you to agencies that have worked with great success.
  4. The other biological parent could be an issue in a stepparent adoption. When you want to adopt your spouse’s child from another relationship, you need to prove the other biological parent isn’t fit to parent the child. Gathering documentation and getting advice on talking to this person is easier with the help of an experienced family law attorney.

Remember, the Rachel Hewett Firm has experience helping in all kinds of adoption cases: stepparent adoption, special needs adoption, in state, out of state, and international adoption. We can help you find an adoption attorney in Plano who will help smooth out the process. Give us a call for a free consultation at 972-426-2637 today.