Helping your children adjust to two homes in a divorce

children adjust to two homes in a divorce

If you’re going through a divorce in Texas and have children, you’re going to have custody on the table as well as dividing up all of your assets acquired during the marriage. Get a family law attorney in Plano that listens to your case and helps you towards your goals. From custody, or conservatorship as it’s known in Texas, to parsing the joint property between you and your spouse, Rachel Hewett Firm uses negotiation skills that help your divorce and custody case go smoothly. Here are some of the ways you can make the process easier for your children.

  1. Kids will need more assurance when they have two homes. Changing the family unit from everyone under one roof to sharing time with the kids in separate homes will feel uncomfortable for the kids, especially at first. It will help them to hear you love them unconditionally. If you are the one moving out of the family residence into a new house or apartment, make sure your children feel like they have a personal space there. Bringing over some of the toys and personal items will help but you should also be prepared to buy them a bed and new furniture.
  2. Age matters. Younger children are more likely to get overwhelmed while teens will try to be tough for you. Younger kids may need you to be the decision maker more often for them. They may show more aggressive behavior or lose self confidence. Often times older kids will grow up fast in a way to deal with the situation. While they may look like they are okay or even try to be your friend in this, they still need comfort and boundaries. Remember to never talk negatively about your spouse in front of the kids. Try to co-parent and stay consistent on rules with your spouse as much as possible. Counselling can be helpful for children having a rough time in the divorce.
  3. Keep consistency in their lives and be involved. Seeing relatives, spending time with friends, and extracurricular activities like sports help your kids feel normal. Making large changes in their schedule adds to the disruption of a divorce so try to keep the schedule similar to how it was before your separation from your spouse. A situation where you might need to adapt the schedule would be if your family law attorney in Plano advises you to get more involved in visiting their teachers and taking them to medical appointments to show your role in their well-being. Overall, avoid large changes to their daily lives as much as possible.

Every family situation is different, and that’s why it takes family law attorney in Plano who truly listens to your story to get the best results. With years of experience, the Rachel Hewett Firm can help your divorce and child custody case proceed smoothly. Give us a call for a free consultation at 972-426-2637 today.