Why You Should Hire a Divorce Attorney

The average American goes about life abiding by the laws and living their lives quite normally. That is why divorce is so turbulent. Most people have no knowledge of divorce law because it doesn’t factor into the regular laws we all know not to break. This is why you should hire a divorce attorney.

Divorce Law is Tricky

All your divorced friends hired attorneys for a reason, divorce law is huge. There is much to consider when considering the time shared between two people, especially when it comes to their possessions and children. Divorce attorneys are skilled in getting you the most out of your upcoming divorce.


Showing up to hearings, meeting with your ex-spouse’s attorneys, filing paperwork, and the like, takes a huge amount of your time and effort.It is not only our job as your attorney but also our specialty. We get this process done much quicker than anyone representing themselves because it is what we do every day. Honestly, who doesn’t want to put this behind them as quickly as possible?

That’s What We Do

When you get a DUI, you wouldn’t want a public defender when you can have a DUI attorney who knows those laws backwards and forwards. Divorce lawyers don’t do criminal or corporate law, we do divorces. Divorce attorneys know exactly what the divorce laws are and how to use them to best fit your case. Sure your friend, who is an attorney could take your case, but we guarantee that he/she will advise you to go with an attorney that specializes in divorces.

The Rachel Firm has been undertaking divorces for the past 20 years. We have seen just about everything, and we have hundreds of happy clients as a result of our hard work. Give us a call at 972-426-2637 and schedule your consultation today. We are here to make this dreaded process pass by as quickly as possible, with as little pain to you and your children as possible.