How You Can Benefit from a Divorce Lawyer Consultation in Plano

You have decided your marriage is over, but are not sure how to proceed. Your first step should be to request a divorce lawyer consultation in Plano.

Our Attorneys Can Simplify The Process

The entire process of divorce can be simplified with help from our lawyers. During your initial consultation, we will help you decide which type of divorce is appropriate for you and your spouse. You may be surprised to learn a divorce can be completed without court battles, arguments, or pain.

Your Lawyer Will Protect Your Rights

If your spouse disagrees on matters such as child custody, child support, property division, or does not want a divorce at all, your initial consultation is the time to learn about your rights. If you are up against an angry spouse or his lawyer, you will not be alone. We are ready to protect your rights, and fight for your rights if necessary.

Your Lawyer Can Help You Make Decisions

Even if you are ready to divorce, you may experience difficulties in making decisions. You want what is fair for your spouse, and right for your children, but are not sure how to proceed. We will discuss your issues with you, so you can proceed with confidence. You do not have to worry about decisions that will impact your future.

Regardless of your particular situation, avoid do-it-yourself divorce kits. Too many complications can arise, even if the divorce is simple and amicable. At the Rachel Hewett law firm, we have experienced attorneys who can help you through this difficult time. With expert legal advice and representation, you will be able to put your divorce in the past.

Your future begins with a consultation. It is the sensible way to have your divorce completed so you can move ahead with your life.