Looking for a Family Law Attorney in Denton?

Family law involves quite a bit more than the regular person realizes. Luckily The Rachel Firm has 20 years of experience in family law. We have the experts to aid you in any situation.

What Exactly Does Family Law Cover?

To be frank, a lot! Family law includes premarital and post-marital agreements, adoption, paternity, divorce, child custody and custody modifications, a division of assets, as well as child support and child support modifications. Family law is absolutely huge, and we are experts in all fields. We have won hundreds of cases in family law, and have happy clients all over this great state.

Do I Need a Family Law Attorney?

Consulting with an attorney about the state of your marriage, whether current or upcoming, is always a great idea. We don’t want to make anyone think about the worst case scenarios out there in the world, but life happens whether you’re ready for it or not. That’s exactly why we always suggest being ahead of the game. Have your marital agreements finalized.We realize the last thing you want to think of when you are leading up to your wedding day, is an prenuptial agreement which is needed in the event that your marriage fails. Adoption is another situation that some might not think about getting legal representation for, but this is hugely important. Legal aid will help you file all the appropriate paperwork in an abundance of time. We will  always represent you in the best light possible throughout the legal process.

Can You Help Me?

We would be happy to help you. In fact, we don’t only offer our services in Plano, we also have an incredible family law attorney in Denton. Once you are represented by The Rachel Firm, you are a part of our family as well. Our family takes care of each other, and we mean that.  Even if you’re still unsure, give us a call at 972-426-2637 and schedule your consultation today. Some things just shouldn’t be risked, and your happiness is one of them.