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Determining the paternity of a child establishes the rights and responsibilities of a father toward his son or daughter. If you are a mother or a father interested in establishing paternity, it is important to work with a family law lawyer experienced in DNA testing and other paternity issues.

For 27 years, family law attorney Megan B. Rachel, has provided compassionate legal counsel to moms and dads facing issues of divorce, paternity, child custody and child support. Contact us to schedule a FREE initial consultation.

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Establishing paternity holds significant benefits for fathers wishing to be involved in the lives of their children. Whether your child’s mother desires you to be an active participant in parenting or not, once you obtain family court orders, she loses the right to deny you access. Further, if you are the non-possessory parent, you can seek orders which will prohibit her from moving very far away. Further, if you are a father who has primary physical custody of your child, you may need orders granting you legal custody to prevent the mother from removing the child from your possession and/or care.

However, by determining and filing for paternity, a father accepts financial responsibility for providing child support, if he doesn’t have primary custody of the child. If a father fails to fulfill his duty in this regard, a mother can take legal action for enforcement of child support.

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In addition to our practice providing guidance and legal representation to Texas families facing issues of paternity, our attorneys offer assistance with family law matters related to:

The goal of any individual involved in a legal action related to paternity, divorce, adoption or child custody should be the timely and equitable resolution of these issues in order to avoid costly future litigation and ensure a minimal disruption to the lives of children and other family members.

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We understand the emotional, as well as financial and legal aspects of Family Law, and we work hard to maintain an atmosphere of compassion and understanding throughout the legal process. We promise an open line of communication with all questions answered in plain language to ensure that you- understand your legal rights while making the important decisions that will affect your family’s future. Contact us today for a FREE consultation and case review..