Preparing For A Custody Case

When looking for a child custody attorney in Denton, you, of course, want to find one with a history of winning custody battles in court. The team at Megan Rachel law firm takes pride in our record of success in all types of custody disputes, including ones that can involve interstate child custody or that involve complex joint custody arrangements.

During our first meeting, we will ask about your custody goals and capabilities. These can include the facilities and finances you can provide for your child or children and are an important aspect of the case since the court will be focusing of placing the child in the best possible environment for positive growth.

Your Child’s Best Interest

In considering custody arrangements, the court will be looking at what is in the best interests of the child. Judges typically will be looking at providing for consistency in their routine. They will want evidence of parenting ability, so we may advise you to take part in a parenting class. This can help show the court that you are able to provide for the safety and for the hands-on care required of the child, no matter what their age.

Sole Custody

If sole custody is your aim, there are concerns that must be addressed so that we can prescribe ways to prepare your case to improve your chances of winning. Be prepared to delve deeply into the personal lifestyle and habits of you and your former partner with an eye to showing why having sole custody is in the best interests of the child. As your advocate, we can help you prepare all the documentation for custody matters that may be required by the court to show that joint custody would not be a preferred arrangement.

Take care of your family with help from the child custody attorney in Denton that has a record of success. Contact us at Megan Rachel for an initial consultation.