Protective Order Lawyers

Texans in the areas of Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney or nearby communities are welcome to contact Megan B. Rachel regarding protective orders. Domestic violence is a real problem for many people, sometimes precipitated by initiation of a divorce. In other cases, accusations of domestic violence are false or exaggerated. The spouse or partner who calls the police often tries to recant shortly thereafter, saying that the altercation was a misunderstanding.

At Megan B. Rachel, clients’ points of view are respected. We are here to help you obtain a protective order or get an unjustified protective order rescinded.

Our Domestic Violence Attorneys Can Help You Get a Protective Order

Do you need a protective order because your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend has been violent or made violent threats? If you have legitimate complaints against your spouse or partner, we can help you gather credible evidence to obtain a protective order and grant you greater peace of mind. Evidence may include photos of bruises, threatening text messages and other records of conversations or interactions (such as eyewitness testimony).

Protective Order Defense for the Accused

Do you need help defending yourself against false accusations after a protective order has banned you from your home and your children? If you feel that the charges against you are false, our lawyers can help you regain access to your home and your children and work to prevent a permanent protective order from being issued against you.

Compassion, Experience and Results

Frisco protective orders attorney Megan B. Rachel, has extensive experience protecting clients from family violence in Frisco, McKinney, Plano, and Allen areas. Contact us to schedule a consultation.