Rely on an Experienced Frisco Child Custody Attorney

There’s no doubt, a divorce can be extremely stressful; however, when there are children involved, there are even more challenges. The needs of the child or children should be foremost and it’s essential that these needs are handled appropriately.

Rachel Hewett is an experienced Frisco child custody attorney with a commitment to helping you resolve your child custody issues. When you have children and custody is an issue, it’s imperative that you choose an attorney that is able to help you through this very emotional and difficult time. Family law is a complicated area of law, especially in the state of Texas; fortunately, we not only know the laws relating to child custody, but we also have the expertise and experience to help you get the very best results.

There are many issues that will need to be taken into consideration when determining child custody. For example, if someone has drug or alcohol problems or other personal problems they might not make the best choice for the custodial parent. The court will look at these issues as well as other factors in order to determine child custody. Of course, if your goal is to gain custody of your children, you can count on Rachel Hewett to help you every step of the way.

If there are issues that prevent you from being named as the custodial parent, there are still things we can do to help you maintain a close and loving relationship with your children. We can help with child visitation arrangements as well as child support and other issues in order to ensure that the interests of your children are always considered. We can also help with child custody modification. There are times when a parent will go back to the court in order to change terms of the custodial arrangement. Whether it’s you or the other parent who is seeking a change, it’s important that you have experienced legal representation.