The biggest divorce mistakes and how to avoid them: part three

The biggest divorce mistakes and how to avoid them-part three
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Here’s the final in our three part series of posts on “The biggest divorce mistakes and how to avoid them”. Make sure you check out part one and two. The Megan B. Rachel Attorney At Law has over three decades’ experience helping families in divorce. If you’re in search of a divorce attorney in Plano, reach out to our team and read these posts.

7. Going in without a well-thought out strategy. Sure your lawyer will have an approach to negotiating your case, but doing your own research will help give you negotiating tools and confidence. Here are some of the essentials to strong negotiation:

  • Let your ex save face by offering solutions you don’t mind giving
  • Stay focused on the big picture and avoid emotional distractions
  • Offer an olive branch in one hand and keep an arrow in the other
  • See a therapist to help gather perspective on what the wants and needs will be for your spouse
  • Understand your tolerance for risk so you can stay calm in tough situations
  • Keep the power to walk away from the negotiation table with help from your lawyer

8. Avoid financial pitfalls. Seek a solid understanding of how this new living arrangement will affect your taxable income. Start budgeting for living solo, there may be increased costs but ways to cut back. Get help to decide if living in the marital home will help or hurt you financially.

9. Don’t jump into a new relationship too soon. It can be tempting to “show up your spouse” with a new significant other in your life. While you might be looking for distraction from the emotions, it takes time to sort through the aftermath of a divorce. One of the hardest lessons we see parents suffer later on is when they introduce children to a new boyfriend or girlfriend too soon. The children can become confused or get emotionally attached to someone who may not be around long. It can also hurt a custody case to have a new significant other living in your home while the court is evaluating. Get through the divorce and seek more time with friends and family to cope with the changes before starting a new relationship. Take time to address your needs and wants in a new relationship. Give yourself closure by evaluating and accepting what didn’t work in your marriage.

10. Don’t mix your emotions into your case. Never plan your goals for the case based on “getting back at that cheater”. Judges will see right through revenge plots and give your spouse more lenience if they think you’re being unreasonable. Also, don’t use the kids as bargaining chips. You can’t threaten visitation time with them or try to change their opinion of their mother or father without major consequences. Not only will this create deep emotional damage to your children, it will most certainly make you lose favor with the court.

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