Think Forward: Why Changing Your Will Is Key In Divorce


There are about 876,000 divorces annually in the United States. Having an experienced divorce attorney Plano is one of the best ways to ensure someone is fighting for your best interests as you go through this difficult time. The Rachel Hewett Firm has more than 20-years of experience representing regular people going through a divorce. While you’re going through a separation and divorce, it can feel like you’re totally alone in your experience, even though there are literally thousands of other people going through the same experience.

You get stuck in the present

Cut off from the relationship, potentially spending less time with your children, and no longer living in the family home. Everything becomes a focus on the immediate. You live moment by moment when you’re in a divorce. Getting by each day can be an emotional struggle and you may find yourself relying on a daily checklist just to get to work and gather the details you need for the case. It is important to never forget the essence of looking forward to the future and planning for your life after the divorce. One of the most important things you do is sever the ties in your will and beneficiary documents.

Don’t Accidentally Leave Your Fortune To Your Ex

Down the road, you’ll be living a new life with new goals. Most people who divorce will remarry again at some point. In fact, most men remarry within two years of their divorce. While it’s easy to forget to change your will or beneficiary on bank accounts, investments, and stocks, failing to do so could leave your ex-spouse with a fortune while your new spouse receives nothing at all. It’s unlikely that you’ll want to keep it this way, so updating these documents is a must. Having a good lawyer on your side is the number one way to make sure you’re looking ahead and arguing for assets you’ll need later on.

Your Ex Is Planning Ahead, Are You?

Sometimes people just want to escape the painful situation, but they end up giving too much and it hurts them later on. Your ex is likely consulting with a divorce attorney Plano, too, and planning for the life after divorce as well. Even if things are fairly amicable, it’s most likely each of you will have a different view of what’s even. If it’s possible, agreeing to a collaborative divorce where both your spouse, you, and your attorneys agree not to take the negotiations to court will help keep the process rolling without escalating as much in costs and emotional stress.

Focus on the future

The key here is to make sure you’re always looking forward. Changing your will and beneficiary documents right after divorce or even separation is a wise move that people often overlook. Changing joint accounts and credit cards is another essential not to be overlooked. If you want help from a divorce attorney Plano who will protect you and help you maintain focus through the process, you’ll be in good hands with the Rachel Hewett Firm. We offer free consultations so you can get risk-free help with your situation. So call us at 972-426-2637 today to set up a time to visit.