Twice a month or twice a week visits?: A good lawyer makes all the difference

A good lawyer makes all the difference

When it comes to dividing parenting time during a divorce, sound legal advice is the difference between regular contact with your children or spending a fraction of the time with them. You owe it to yourself to get a free consultation with child custody lawyers and start sorting your options. Once a judge makes the decision about how much time you are permitted to spend with your child it is nearly impossible to change. With so much riding on this decision in terms of your family time and your relationship with your children, stress levels are high and any misstep can cause major consequences. Here are some of the biggest mistakes to avoid and how to get off to a promising start in a custody case.

1. Get solid advice.

As a parent in a custody battle, it’s important first and foremost to start getting some education on the laws here in Texas. But not everyone is qualified to give legal advice. It might be convenient to listen to an uncle who’s been through a divorce tell you his take on things, but every case is different. While a family member or friend is coming from a good place in giving you advice, their ideas may sidetrack you from preparing for your case effectively. There are a great deal of resources, whether you’re a mother or father. Read the Texas statutes and books on custody, and speak to a lawyer so you have advice from someone who understands Texas law and your specific situation.

2. Don’t make early concessions in an effort to patch hurt emotions.

Moving out of the house you owned together too soon or giving up all the sheets, china, and books that seem trivial at the time can weaken your negotiating points when it comes time to use them. These are the tough situations where we have to sit down with someone and see what we can unravel from their past conversations with their ex and their willingness to move out of the home too quickly. The pain of divorce is real, and these clients made heartfelt effort to do right, and they get stomped on for it.

3. Get legal advice specific to your situation from a lawyer (we can’t stress this enough).

Unfortunately, we’ve seen many clients who are already in a poor position by the time they come through our doors at the Rachel Hewett Firm. They’ve trusted the wrong advice from friends, their ex, or even their ex’s attorney. That deer in the headlights look of being blindsided is making them weak in their position, and their visitation rights look like they’ll be next to nothing.

Get advice on your rights and obligations as a parent and make sure your case for joint custody or visitation is strong. The Rachel Hewett Firm has years of experience to get you the legal help you need so call us now to schedule your free consultation with child custody lawyers at 972-426-2637 today.