Not all divorces have to be acrimonious. Many people are able to agree on key matters, including property division and child custody, allowing an attorney at Megan B. Rachel to complete their divorce in a quick manner and at a significantly lower cost than a contested divorce case.

Even With an Agreed Divorce it is Important to Have an Attorney Explain Your Options

An experienced attorney is an important source of guidance through the process of an uncontested or agreed-upon divorce. For this reason, Texas residents near Frisco, McKinney, Plano, and Allen that are seeking to complete an uncontested divorce often look to Partner Mega B. Rachel for advice and assistance.

Some family law attorneys seem compelled to stir up conflicts in order to generate more work and complexities. Not so with the Texas family law attorneys at Megan B. Rachel. We understand that to some clients, a simple and straightforward resolution to a Texas divorce is best and agreement in principle is more important than minor details.

Compassionate Advice For Even The Simplest Divorce

When Texas parties to divorce have agreed on property division, child custody, child support and/or spousal support, Megan B. Rachel can file the Petition for an Uncontested Divorce, prepare the Final Decree of Divorce to be signed by both parties, and appear in court with our client to present the signed Final Decree of Divorce to the court in as little as 61 days from the date the Petition for Divorce was first filed.

Are your friends and family members cautioning you against pursuing an uncontested divorce? They may warn you with cautionary statements:

  • “What about retirement income?”
  • “How will you ensure that your spouse will accept his or her fair share of debt from the marriage?”
  • “You could get more child support if you fight for it.”
  • “Don’t shortchange yourself.”

Yet you and your spouse, soon to be divorced, feel that the terms of your divorce should be as private as your marriage was.

Talk to a Texas divorce lawyer at Megan B. Rachel to learn how this law firm can help facilitate the stress-free divorce that you believe is attainable by crafting and finalizing an uncontested, agreed divorce.

Schedule A Consultation With An Uncontested Divorce Attorney

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