Why A Weak Property Settlement Could Mean Another Day In Court


The last thing you want to do after going through a divorce is find yourself once again in a dispute with your ex over further property claims. A strong Frisco divorce attorney is key to making sure your divorce papers clearly plan for future problems that could arise. Otherwise, you may find yourself back in court or filing papers a second time. At the Rachel Hewett Firm, we have over 20-years of experience helping clients plan ahead throughout the divorce process. Making sure you are ready for the unexpected in your divorce agreement will save you from major hassles down the road.

Vague Areas In A Divorce Agreement Can Become Grounds For More Legal Battles

Your divorce agreement is meant to be a map of all the plans for financial assets and property after the marriage is over. The document should spell out answers for who gets the wedding china, what happens with the family property, and how investments will be separated. But sometimes these documents are too general and leave out unexpected situations. Failing to plan ahead for unknown contingencies means room for new areas of negotiation even days after you settled your divorce.

The Unexpected Will Almost Always Happen

It’s almost guaranteed something will dramatically change after divorce. One of the kids might need to change schools because of a bully, or one of you gets laid off and suddenly has a much lower to nonexistent income. Either of you could go back to the court at this point to ask for a renegotiated amount of child custody or alimony when this happens. The agreement may have just been signed and one of the parties in a divorce can head back to renegotiate. A strong divorce agreement should have clear guidance for these unexpected types of situations. This will ensure that you don’t have to jump back into the legal process right again and your ex has less grounds to renegotiate.

A Frisco divorce attorney from Rachel Hewett Firm can help protect you

With our many years of experience with Texas Family Law, we’ve seen the ups and downs of different cases. That means we can help you build in specific ways to handle the unexpected types of situations. Having a strong hand in divorce is getting support protecting your assets not only now, but also in the future. We can help you plan ahead so your chances of a renegotiation are much lower. Divorces aren’t fun and we will help you come to an agreement that protects your future as smoothly as possible.

Start The Process Risk-Free

If you’re considering divorce, already separated from your spouse, or already filing the papers, make sure you have a competent attorney on your side. We can help you get through a divorce smoothly and keep you looking ahead without forgetting the important details. Call the Rachel Hewett Firm today, we offer free consultations so you can get a feel for our approach and share your story. Reach out to us at 972-426-2637 to meet a Frisco divorce attorney from our legal team at a time convenient for you.