What to Look for in a Child Custody Attorney in Plano

Divorce is already a hard enough situation on you, it shouldn’t have to be hard on your child. Getting the right attorney to handle this delicate situation is of the utmost importance.

What Custody Options Are There?

Physical/legal custody: Physical custody means the child lives with one parent and they have the say in their daily activities. Legal custody means having the say in long-term decisions for the child such as medical care and education.

Joint/sole custody: A parent with sole custody has the decision over both the legal and physical custody of the child. Joint custody is the sharing of the legal and physical custody between parents. This has three different types of sub-custody, which we can discuss in person.

Joint-managing conservatorship: In Texas, this is similar to joint custody. Both parents may have separate duties or decisions that the other might not. The judge will be the one to decide which parent gets which decisions to best serve the child’s welfare.

Enforcement/modification of decrees: Enforcement refers to the enforcement of things such as when one party has not been paying their child support. Modification of decrees means changing the decision of a previous ruling to better fit the child’s needs in the present.

What Custody Do I Want?

It is up to you, but we can advise you what would be best given your unique situation. Keeping this process civil and in the best interest of the child should always be the top priority. Also important is whether you and your former spouse can still work together.

We understand how difficult and painful divorce can be but it must be remembered that a child is involved. Your child needs to know that his/her parents love them and that they are in no way the cause of the split between you and your spouse.

When Should I Get Started?

Getting started immediately is in your best interest. If you’re looking for a child custody attorney in Plano, then The Rachel Firm is here for you. Don’t hesitate, give The Rachel Firm a call and schedule a consultation today. We understand the difficulties of divorce and will always have your child’s interest at heart.