When to Hire a Family Law Attorney Plano

Family lawyers are attorneys who specialize in family matters. They are trained and experienced in legal matters touching on the family, so they are best placed to help defend the rights of each member of the family. The following are examples of cases that can be handled by a family law attorney Plano:

i) Divorce Cases

Obviously, you do not want to go into a divorce case without legal representation. You want a competent lawyer by your side to represent your interests. The attorney will file a motion of disclosure to help reveal all the assets owned by your partner and fight to ensure you get your rightful share of the marital estate as well as sufficient spousal support payments, if you need it. A competent family law attorney Plano residents should know, can help them get the desired outcome from divorce proceedings.

ii) Child Custody

If you would like to get custody of your child after a divorce case, a competent family law attorney, such as The Rachel Firm, can help prove to the court that you are the best person to take care of the child, regardless of your total monthly income. If you get custody, but need help with child support, the experienced lawyers from The Rachel firm will help you get the financial support you need to raise the child.

iii) Adoption

You can also hire a family law attorney when you want to adopt a child. Child adoption laws are strict and vary from state to state, so you need to hire a lawyer who has been practicing in Plano, TX, for many years to help you adopt a child. The lawyer will also help you understand the legal implications of adopting a child into the family. The lawyer can also explain the pros and cons of adopting a child.